5 people martyred, dozens injured in Indian forces firing and shelling on LOC


The Indian Army continues to fire on civilians along the Line of Control. In the last 24 hours, 5 innocent civilians have been martyred and 28 others including women and innocent children have been injured in the firing of the occupying Indian army in the areas of Neelum and Jhelum Valley. Among the martyrs are 1 woman and 3 men. The Indian shelling also burnt down several houses in the Neelum Valley.

The Indian Army is using heavy weapons against the civilian population while the Pakistan Army has retaliated by targeting Indian outposts. In response to the Pakistan Army, there are reforms to cause heavy loss of life and property to the Indian cause.

Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider has strongly condemned the Indian aggression and said that the time has come for India to give a blunt answer and the government of Pakistan should immediately take up the issue at the United Nations and OIC. How long will Kashmiris continue to be martyred?

The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir said that India has given free rein to its army for genocide of Kashmiris, India is fomenting war which will have very serious consequences, let the world see how India destroys the lives and property of innocent citizens. The United Nations should not be a silent spectator.

The Prime Minister of Azad Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider said that on the one hand India is carrying out the worst atrocities in the history of mankind in occupied Kashmir and on the other hand the civilians living on the ceasefire line are constantly being provoked by the Indian Army. They are the line of defense. Together with Pakistan’s forces, they will thwart Indian intentions. The Prime Minister directed the administration to immediately shift the injured to the hospital while ensuring the safety of the population as much as possible.

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