Fugitive sitting in London is discrediting national institutions, promoting Indian agenda: PM


PM Imran Khan has said that Pakistan Armed Forces are the guarantor of national security, a foreign lobby is active against Pakistan Army which is engaged in international conspiracy to defame Pakistan while a fugitive sitting in London defames national institutions.

A meeting of party spokespersons chaired by the Prime Minister was held in Islamabad to review the decisions and resolutions of the Opposition Multi-Party Conference. The Prime Minister termed the gathering of the opposition as an attempt to discredit state institutions and said that the UN General Assembly meeting Earlier, defaming the Pakistan Army was part of an Indian conspiracy and the Noon League was once again promoting the Indian agenda.

Continuing his speech, Imran Khan said that India wants instability in Pakistani institutions and the country, India wants to divert the world’s attention from Kashmir before the UN General Assembly session, Khabar published in Indian magazine Times of India and Nawaz Sharif’s speech. Reflecting the same agenda, the Indian media has been poisoning Pakistani institutions after the PML-N leader’s speech.

The Prime Minister reiterated his commitment to thwart the conspiracies to discredit the country’s institutions and said that the courts and the army would not be allowed to be discredited.

PM Khan said whenever any calamity befell the country, the army sided with its people. The enemy wants to weaken Pakistan’s army, the world knows that countries like Libya, Iraq, Syria were destroyed due to weak army, he added.

The Prime Minister said that the aim of the opposition parties is to gain power for looting, neither before nor now they will be black, the process of accountability will continue without any discrimination. The meeting participants said that the PML-N leadership likes judges and officers of its choice.

He further added that history has shown that Nawaz Sharif first brings in the heads of the institutions himself and then fights them.

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