Ibd police indifference: allegedly rape case of lady commando enters the office

By: Qammar Ul Munawer


ISLAMABAD: The federal capital’s dutiful police failed to arrest an accused of abusing a female constable of its own force. Incompetence or traditional indifference, the alleged abuse case with Lady Commando Muneeba Abrar was closed.

According to the document, Islamabad police declared the case untraceable and enter the case to office. The investigation officer has recommended with the approval of the superior officers that the police could not trace the case, so it “recommends” the case be closed, instead of apprehending the accused, as per the document.

On September 29, 2018, lady commando of Islamabad Police Muneeba Abrar, daughter of Abrar Hussain, had requested at Koral Police Station that after finishing her duty at 10 pm, she was returning to her home in Ghauri Town when she landed at an air force stop.

An unidentified man chased her and then abducted her and took her to a nearby forest, where she was raped. When she regained consciousness, her condition was indescribable. She barely reached the road and asked a passerby for help.

Meanwhile, her father also reached there while searching for her and told her the whole incident and also showed her the place where an unknown person violently targeted her for rape and committed terrorism.

Moreover, “I can also identify the accused” when she comes forward. The police constable requested the SHO police station to immediately arrest the accused and bring him to justice.

The Koral Police Station registered an FIR and launched an investigation into the incident, but almost two years later, the case of the lady police constable was declared “untraceable” and closed.

During the investigation, the police also found the medical report of the victim to be insufficient evidence and ignored the terrorism provisions included in the case.

Thus, the Islamabad police could not give justice to their petty sister and the culprit is still free.

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