Indian Army Firing on UN observer mission vehicle near LoC


A spokesman of Pakistan Army  said that the Indian Army deliberately opened fire on a UN vehicle on the LOC. The cowardly act is a reflection and embarrassment of India’s extremist thinking.

According to ISPR, the Indian Army opened unprovoked fire in the Cheri Kot sector and deliberately targeted the vehicles of UN observers. The firing damaged vehicles, but fortunately both UN military observers survived.

A Pakistan Army spokesman said UN vehicles is known from afar, while, the observers were on their way to Polach village to meet with those affected by the Indian firing.

DGISPR said that Pakistan Army conducted an immediate rescue operation and took both the observers to Rawalpindi. The firing of the Indian Army on the UN observer mission is a clear violation of the UN Charter. Pakistan Army appreciates the selfless service of all members of the Military Observer Group.

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