News of large rejection of visa applications of Pakistani students is not true: Raza Bashir Tarar

Canadian officials respond positively to relocation of visa processing center from Dubai to Islamabad: Pakistan High Commissioner



Raza Bashir Tarar, Pakistan’s High Commissioner to Canada, said reports of a large number of Pakistani students’ visa applications being rejected were incorrect, with a positive response from Canadian authorities regarding the relocation of the visa processing center from Dubai to Islamabad.

A statement issued by the Pakistani High Commissioner to Canada said that the Canadian government has included Pakistan in the Fastest Visa Processing Scheme Student Direct Stream (SDS) scheme, which includes only seven countries. Joining the S Scheme allows visa applications for students seeking admission to Canadian universities and colleges to be decided in the shortest possible time.

Continuing his speech, Raza Bashir Tarar said that Pakistani students should be provided with all the necessary information for the approval of visa applications in a complete and accurate manner. There has been a positive response.

Talking about reports of rejection of visa applications of Pakistani students, the Pakistani High Commissioner said that the matter has been taken up with the Canadian authorities. Preliminary talks have revealed that only a large number of Pakistani students have been denied visa applications. The news is not true, Canadian officials have assured to inform the Pakistani mission after reviewing the data in this regard.

Raza Bashir Tarar said that Pakistan and Canada have good relations, the Prime Ministers and Foreign Ministers of the two countries have had telephone conversations, the Pakistan Mission in Canada is trying to further enhance bilateral relations in the future. The government delegations should be exchanged. He said that Pakistan is fully open for business and investment.

Continuing his speech, the Pakistani High Commissioner said that Pakistan’s ranking in the global graph of ease of doing business has significantly improved, which has boosted the confidence of the domestic and foreign business community. Pakistan can become a hub of regional trade due to its location, he said.

Raza Bashir Tararne said that Pakistan has many attractive tourist, historical places and areas for foreign tourists. The government of Pakistan has promoted religious tourism, with large numbers of Sikhs from Canada heading to Pakistan to visit Kartarpur and other religious sites. Overseas Pakistanis are ambassadors of the country and proud of Pakistan. Pakistanis living in Canada have stood by their country and compatriots in every difficult and sad hour.

He said that besides highlighting the Kashmir issue, Pakistanis abroad have exposed the ugly face of Indian state terrorism all over the world. Overseas Pakistanis should dispel misconceptions, prejudices and suspicions about Pakistan in their interactions with foreigners.

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