The US military fought wars for financial gain – Trump’s serious allegations against military leadership


The Cold War between US President Donald Trump and his top military leadership is intensifying, with President Trump accusing the US military of fighting for financial gain and the top military leadership at the Pentagon increasing the profits of defense companies.

Relations between US President Donald Trump and the US military are strained, with President Trump turning his guns on the top leadership of the US military, accusing the top US military leadership of war. The name is increasing the profits of defense equipment companies.

According to international affairs experts, questions have been raised about military operations in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan after President Trump was accused of waging wars for financial gain on his own troops, Donald Trump on the issue of US withdrawal from Afghanistan and News of the rift between the US military leadership has intensified.

“I’m not saying the military loves me,” Trump told a news conference at the White House, according to CNN. Yes, soldiers do, but senior Pentagon officials probably don’t. ”

“The top Pentagon officials want to do nothing but fight wars to benefit bomb and shipbuilding companies. They do everything but be happy,” he said.

President Trump’s extraordinary statement comes at a time when some defense officials have revealed in the US media that tensions between Donald Trump and the Pentagon are rising. Some experts say the allegations could have serious repercussions on President Trump’s top military leadership.

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