Another new strain of corona virus discovered in Japan



TOKYO: According to the International News Agency, the Japanese Ministry of Health has said that four passengers from the Brazilian state of Amazonas have been diagnosed with another new form of corona virus. Health ministry officials say the new form is being studied and efforts are being made to determine how effective the current vaccine will be against it.

According to the Ministry of Health, the form of corona virus diagnosed in travelers coming to Japan is different from the rapidly spreading types of corona virus in the United Kingdom and South Africa. Health officials say it has not yet been confirmed whether this new form of the virus, which has been diagnosed in Brazilians, is more dangerous than other forms of the virus in terms of spread.

The Brazilian Ministry of Health says it has informed Japanese authorities that a new form has been observed with 12 mutations, one of which is a mutation similar to that of the United Kingdom and South Africa. Therefore, it is possible that it also has the ability to spread rapidly. All four passengers coming from Brazil have been placed in quarantine. Two of them have difficulty breathing, a 30-year-old woman has a headache and sore throat, while a young girl has no symptoms.

The total number of cases of corona in Japan has reached more than 289,000 while 4,061 deaths have been reported.

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