Bexit’s effects: Nine British nationals bound for Spain were stopped at the airport


After Brexit, various problems have started to arise for the people of Britain and European countries. Nine people traveling from Britain to Spain were stopped at London airport due to invalid travel documents.

Nine people traveling from London to Madrid were prevented from boarding the plane by airline staff, who questioned the status of their travel documents after Brexit. The airline staff was of the view that the existing documents (NIE and TIE) could not be used after the change of rules.

It should be noted that British citizens are issued ID cards (Nomero de Identification the Extraherosa (NIE)) in Spain as a foreign national, while the British government issued TIE to Spanish citizens as a foreign card. As it turns out, these systems were introduced in the context of Britain’s secession from the European Union.

The governments of Spain and the United Kingdom agreed that British and Spanish citizens would be able to travel between the two countries via the NIE and TIE even after Brexit, but the recent incident has caused public concern.

Among those barred from traveling from London to Madrid was British journalist and photographer Max Duncan, who reported the incident on a social networking site after the incident, after which the British embassy in Madrid tweeted that the airline Passengers should not be stopped by, while Spanish authorities also confirmed that British citizens will be able to travel on a green card.

It is worth mentioning here that there are more than 370,000 British citizens residing in Spain. After the secession of the United Kingdom from the European Union, these people can get a residence card in Spain, but they do not have a permanent address, local bank accounts. Spanish authorities have also announced the issuance of a new photo card to British nationals living in Spain.

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