Business community have concerns about Trump’s controversial move of extension of immigration sanctions


President Donald Trump has extended for three months restrictions on those seeking asylum and temporary employment in the United States.

Donald Trump says it is important to protect the interests of American workers in the economic situation affected by the Corona epidemic, and that an extension of immigration sanctions is essential. Between April and June 2020, the Trump administration banned temporary employees and green card applicants until December 31, 2020, but on the last day of 2020, President Trump extended those restrictions until March 31, 2021.

The business community in the United States has vehemently opposed the ban on foreign temporary workers, but Donald Trump has extended immigration restrictions despite opposition from the business community. He will take office in 2021. He has criticized the sanctions imposed by Donald Trump, but has not made any statement about the immediate lifting of those sanctions since taking office.

In October 2020, a federal judge in the US state of California suspended the immigration restrictions imposed by the Trump administration, saying that the ban on temporary employees would cause irreparable damage to the business community and could lead to the closure of various businesses. However, the US Department of Justice filed an appeal against the decision in the US Circuit Court, which is scheduled to hear on January 19, 2021.

According to a report by the foreign news agency Reuters, 20 million people have been unemployed in the United States since the beginning of the Corona epidemic and are taking relief funds started by the government for their livelihood.

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