Eight European countries, including Spain, are likely to receive additional doses of the vaccine later


According to the AFP news agency, just a day after the start of the EU’s corona vaccination campaign, the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer has delayed the delivery of additional doses of corona vaccine to eight European countries.

According to AFP, eight European countries, including Spain, will receive additional doses of the vaccine later, but it is not clear which European countries will be affected besides Spain. Pfizer’s branch in Spain said on Sunday night. The Spanish government had informed that due to shipment problems, timely delivery of vaccines from the Elgim plant was not possible.

In Spain, Pfizer told the Spanish Ministry of Health that the problem had been resolved and that the vaccine would arrive in Spain on Tuesday. The Spanish health minister said the shipment was experiencing problems because the temperature was not right. A temperature of minus 70 degrees is required to store the vaccine. After being removed from the store, the vaccine is kept at two to eight degrees Celsius during use so that it can remain effective for the next five days.

Spain will receive 350,000 doses of the vaccine each week. Pfizer vaccination campaigns have been launched in most European countries. The elderly, medical personnel and politicians will be the first to be vaccinated.

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