Federal Cabinet approved a commission to investigate Broadsheet scandle


Federal cabinet, headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan, approved the formation of a commission of inquiry into the broadsheet scandal.

The weekly meeting of the Federal Cabinet, chaired by PM Imran Khan, was held in Islamabad, in which the overall political and economic situation of the country as well as the usual 17-point agenda was considered. The meeting also approved the formation of a Commission of Inquiry into the Broadsheet Scandal under the Commission of Inquiry Act 2017.

Justice (retd) Azmat Saeed will head the Commission of Inquiry, which will conduct a comprehensive inquiry into the broadsheet and submit a report to Prime Minister Imran Khan. During the cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Imran reiterated his commitment to zero tolerance against corruption and said that the perpetrators of corruption would be exposed.

Imran Khan clarified that Broadsheet is a very serious matter and I will not spare anyone involved in it. There will be a full inquiry into the scandal. Sources said that the inquiry commission headed by Justice (retd) Azmat Saeed would inquire into the Broadsheet as well as Surrey Palace.

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