Indian farmers protest against agricultural laws, the government’s offer of talks is a sham


Thousands of farmers continue to protest at the entrances to the Indian capital, New Delhi, for the 27th day in a row.

Indian farmers’ nationwide protest against Modi government’s anti-farmer laws continues for the 27th day in a row. The Kisan Ittehad has vowed to stand firm against the BJP’s oppressive policies and said the government’s new offer of talks was a waste of time.

Farmer leaders say the government is calling for one-sided talks but is running away from fruitful and meaningful talks. Thousands of farmers have been protesting for their rights for 27 days in the bitter cold, for almost a month. Pretending to talk is an insult to farmers.

The Kisan Ittehad has made it clear that until the government withdraws the anti-agriculture and anti-farmer laws, the question of ending the sit-in does not arise, the protests will continue till their legitimate demands are approved.

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