Libya’s civil war ends after 9 years


TRIPOLI: After nine years of civil war in Libya, two rival governments have declared an immediate ceasefire across the country.

Libya has two opposition governments, one in the capital, Tripoli, backed by the United Nations and Turkey, and the other in eastern Libya, backed by France, Russia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. The two rival governments have declared a ceasefire after nine years.

On Friday, the head of the UN-backed government, Fayyad al-Siraj, called for an end to fighting for control of the city of Sirte and the withdrawal of troops.

Libya’s two rival governments have also called for the lifting of the global oil embargo on Libya earlier this year. The Tripoli-based government also plans to hold parliamentary and presidential elections in March next year.

Libya was plunged into chaos and civil war in 2011 when NATO-backed rebels ousted Muammar Gaddafi and forced him to go into hiding, after which he was found and killed by rebel fighters.

The UN mission welcomes the announcement of a ceasefire and peace by both Libyan governments and calls for the withdrawal of all foreign forces from the country, said Stephanie Williams, acting head of the UN mission. The steps have raised hopes for a peaceful political solution to Libya’s long-running crisis, a solution that will reaffirm the Libyan people’s desire to live in peace and dignity. “

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