Shocking revelations: Europe’s inhumane treatment against illegal immigrants


During a voyage in the Mediterranean, Emergency Guidance and Alarm Phone has raised a number of questions about accidents involving illegal immigrant boats, according to a recent report on the killing of migrants. Despite this, serious allegations have been made that European institutions did not reach out for help and left people to die.

The latest alarm phone report on illegal immigrants trying to reach Europe by sea has made sensational revelations, according to figures from the Independent Agency. Between August 13 and 20 this year, 14 About 900 people tried to enter Europe illegally by boat.

According to the report, 540 of the 900 were able to reach the shores of European countries, while 100 people were killed and 160 were missing in various accidents, while 100 were sent back to Libya, while about 200 more were killed. The trip has been reported, but they did not contact the agency directly.

As every year, several boats carrying illegal immigrants from the Libyan coast to Europe have sunk, with four confirmed drownings between August 17 and 20. The bodies were found off the coast of the Mediterranean.

The report said that all these boats could have been saved from sinking, destruction and loss of precious human lives as the two boats were regularly notified by the “alarm phone” to the concerned authorities, but they Instead of taking any action, he left people drowning in the sea.

The report revealed that the shipwreck of migrants heading for Europe on August 16 and 17 was not an accident. Before the shipwreck, a group of five people shot at innocent and unarmed people. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a boat carrying illegal immigrants, killing at least 45 people and wounding dozens more.

The report refutes the claims of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration regarding migrants, saying that the ill-fated boat has been traveling to Europe since August 15. In an emergency, they repeatedly called for help. According to initial reports, there were 65 people on board, but survivors said the total number was 82, according to the “alarm phone.” Despite warnings from authorities, no one came to the rescue.

One survivor of the crash said: “European authorities release people to drown or send them back to Libya because it’s easier for them. I can’t believe what happened to us, we were drowning, the boat was on fire everywhere, no one came to our rescue, although some ships could save us, but thankfully a fisherman saved our lives and we They are still alive. ”

The report added that most of the survivors were taken prisoner while some were released, but most of them needed immediate medical attention as the boat caught fire, leaving many dead. Many parts of it have been completely burnt.

Another shipwreck occurred on August 18. It was a large rubber boat with 95 people on board. While talking on the phone, I heard the sound of a rubber boat exploding.

Authorities in Libya, Italy and Malta were immediately notified of the accident, but no action was taken. The next day, it was reported that a fishing boat had rescued 65 people and injured 30 others bite dead or missing.

Earlier, on August 15, a boat carrying 40 people to Europe sank off the coast of Libya, leaving only one person alive. The fourth sinking occurred on August 18, when a migrant boat capsized near Jadria, drowning three people, while 15 were rescued by the Tunisian Coast Guard.

The report says that recent events have shown that the so-called Libyan Coast Guard seizes migrant boats before entering the European Search and Rescue Zone and sometimes illegally. But such boats are sent back from Malta’s search and rescue zone, but when they are asked to rescue those in trouble, they leave people in their territory to drown.

According to the report, it is not just a coincidence that catastrophic accidents involving illegal immigrant boats and ships have occurred in Libyan waters this year, including the February 9 accident in which 91 people lost their lives. On the 29th, 40 people went missing in a similar accident, which is feared to have taken place.

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